Why Choose

SmartCloud Consulting?

Why us.

Business leaders are struggling to balance their customer and employee needs for cloud technology with their budget and fiduciary responsibility to safeguard the company's assets.  They need independent advisors to save them both time and money when evaluating options.

Executive teams are worried about business disruption risk, data security and return on investment. Companies need integrated solutions, responsive advisors, and comprehensive support.

What we do.

SmartCloud Consulting delivers a custom service experience at zero cost to the company.   This enables us to execute on a cloud technology road map, unifying communication and empowering real-time decision making. 


Discovery - Solution Evaluation - Vendor Analysis - Price & Contracts - Deployment

How we do it.

Our clients use SmartCloud for a wide range of initiatives from Voice & Call Centers to Hosting & Infrastructure.

Most solutions have 3 phases, Solution Selection (Custom & Reliable), Deployment Management (Speed to Value), On-going Optimization (Cost Containment)

Who we are.

Clients LOVE our support and insight into optimizing their cloud technology investments.

We make it easy to enable world-class technology at no cost to your company.  SmartCloud solutions are easy to understand & deploy - enabling confidence in the tools used to make critical business communication happen.

With careers in telecom that started in 2005, our leaders have the professional network and expertise to guide your solution selection and manage your technology investments.

Where we are.

With advisors all over the country, our solutions and advisors are not limited by geography.

How we are different.

SmartCloud's proprietary process connects the evaluation, deployment and optimization of your investments to rich dash boarding & automatic alerts - these real-time insights enable leaders to maximize the return on investment, while avoiding disruptive sales tactics and unproven technologies that are not aligned with there long term plan.

A proper road map prevents hidden costs and creates visibility and transparency.  Our clients have confidence in their investments because of the solution due diligence, single value of truth and visibility into real-time information - which makes moving from idea to impact faster!