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What is collaboration work management (CWM) software?

Everyone still has team projects to execute and it's clear you can't do it all alone. That is not all; to get the right individuals to join you on the project you now have the added challenge of connecting with them remote.

So do you continue to rely on your old tools for collaboration or do you rethink how you're going to execute your project?

This article is intended to show you how cloud technologies can be used to create a single source of truth, a real-time path to complete your team project. We want to empower you and your team to improve how you work together, even when you're far apart.

As the name suggests, work management software is a digital tool that allows you to plan, track, organize, and evaluate tasks to reach a set goal or generate the desired result. From the outset, you already have an idea as regards why this tool is needed. However, there is more to that.

Professionals in almost every field need a structure that allows them to manage their work in a manner that falls in line with their organization's best practices. This not only upholds the ethics and standards of the organization but also, the individuals on a project are going to be committed to multiple engagements and need a structure that can keep up the pace or they fail.

The adoption of collaboration work management software gives every member of a team real-time visibility on status of work, giving them the opportunity to multitask and stay accountable to their promised contributions. Also, there are benefits peculiar to each member depending on their position or place in the execution of the project.

How important is collaboration work management software to every member of a project?

Be it a team leader, employee, I.T leader, or any member of a project execution team, collaborative work management software is an all-important tool to the success of their project.

For project managers, the ability to work together at a high level of flexibility, and with a large group of individuals with diverse functions means a lot. This is because collaborative work management software as a tool gives users the advantage of seeing the big picture, the road map to getting the job done, and the allocation of tasks to every member on the team.

For team leadership, they start by drafting out the plan and ensuring that round pegs are fitted into round holes. In essence, they make sure that the right equipment, personnel, and resources are available for a fitting project execution process. Also, they are able to look out for potential obstacles or threats to the actualization of the set goals.

Collaboration work management software helps a lot in the creation of a blueprint for most projects. Usually, it is the job of the team lead to create or design a path or pattern which the product execution process will follow. With a CWM solution, as long as project leads understand what the project is all about, they can use their discretion in choosing the template of best practices to move forward with and then immediately share that to others on their team to begin work.

What will a collaboration work management software do for me?

A proper fitting solution should take care of the following aspects of the project.

Enable Remote Work: The solution needs to be accessibly both on mobile apps and desktops, allowing team members to contribute from anywhere at anytime, as long as they have internet.

Define Scope: The size of the project, goals, and individual requirements are all crucial factors to be considered before the execution stage of a project. This is even more important when you consider the connection between set goals and the budget allocated to the reaching of the set goal. You should always feel confident that collaboration work management software is helping the team lead and crew members in making such important decisions as to what they can accomplish with the allocated resources.

Single-Source of Truth: At the execution stage of any project, time is of essence. A time limit or deadline is usually assigned to the execution of each phase for a typical project. This will help keep track of the progress made and avoid falling behind schedule for the overall project execution. The team's shared source of truth is an all-important feature in viable collaboration work management software, as it re-enforces the accountability of the individuals to the task progress.

Manage Resources: This is quite a broad one as resources connote different meanings in the execution of most projects. For some project types, it may be people, material, equipment, all and more. Whatever the case may be, these resources must be in the right proportion. In essence, the right number of people should be assigned to a project. More importantly, they should possess the required skill to deliver the expected result.

One way to gauge these essential parameters is the use of the right collaboration work management software for the project execution. The effective allocation of resources for the implementation of a project can be achieved when there is transparency in the allocation process. As the project progresses, leaders have the real-time awareness to navigate around constraints and challenges. A CWM solution gives them the opportunity to be pro-active is solving areas of risk around the project's given resource limitations.

Make You Money: What is the cost of completing each and every subdivided task? Most tasks come at a certain cost. The accurate estimation and totaling of it all is crucial to successful project execution.

A CWM solution addresses your teams challenges around :

  1. Version Control : Giving the team a mobile and desktop interface that's easy to use and accessible from anywhere with internet.

  2. Manual Reporting : Static information and snapshot reports aren't going to work with remote work, you need real-time information that automatically populates reports that allows you to proactively drive the project around obstacles and risks.

  3. Information Silos : You want the truth, it limits stress and reduces the risk of project failure due to team members not sharing information.


There is only one solution to this puzzle; everyone still has projects and everyone still needs each other to succeed on those projects. If you're open to changing how you're going to work, an appropriate collaboration work management solution should be a clear requirement to ensure the success of your next project.

Collaboration work management software brings a big revolution into the way projects are executed. You can personally benefit from this evolution in how work gets done by making use of collaboration work management software in your team's project execution process.

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